Precision Air Chucks

MicroCentric, a globally recognized leader in precision, quality, and reliability offers a complete line of Air chucks, power chucks, collet chucks, diaphragm chucks, quick change jaw and collet systems, air cylinders and collet closers, and custom workholding solutions for your specific machine tool applications.

MicroCentric’s  goal is to provide the technical and economically optimal product for your precision workholding requirements.

Hainbuch Welge


Hainbuch pioneered the quick change process in 1985. Our revolutionary SPANNTOP chuck system not only masters the 10-second collet change;

it also allows users to go from O.D., to I.D., to 3-jaw clamping in a matter of seconds without readjustment.


Tooling, Chucks

Hardinge is the world’s largest manufacturer of spindle tooling. With over a century of experience, we are your trusted partner for all workholding applications. Hardinge collets are renowned for their accuracy and durability with the best total indicator reading (TIR) in the industry. Choose from a large inventory of 5C, 16C, 20C, 25C and 3J collets, FlexC vulcanized collet systems, emergency collets and step chucks, as well as B42 and B65 stationary collets.


Somma Tool


Save time and money with the SOMMA quick change system

  • Change dull tools in seconds
  • Eliminate touching off when changing a dull tool
  • Have spare tooling preset and ready for quick tool changes
  • All shanks have tapped coolant ports
  • Use a boring tool for one job and a drill for the next without removing the shank from the machine

Madison Cutting Tools

Spade Drills, Boring and Reaming Metal Cutting Tools

Madison's Spade Drilling System delivers extraordinary performance in high speed steel and carbide applications. Cut machine time in half with Madison's double edged boring systems. Madison makes tooling for virtually any application, from screw machines to boring mills to machine centers. Do you need floating double-edged or expandable multi-flute precision reamers or carbide inserted, high speed steel, carbide tipped or cermet. Madison has a solution for both stationary and rotating application.