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Die Cover Film

Danly IEM is the leading manufacturer of die making supplies and components for industry in North America. For more than 90 years, Danly IEM has provided high quality products and services, innovative development, and custom products.

RK Press Brake Dies

Standard Press Brake Tooling, Special Press Brake Tooling

R-K Press Brake Dies is a preeminent precision die design and tooling manufacturer.  As a leading supplier that R-K Press Brake Dies offers:

  • Large inventory of standard and specialized American punches & dies
  • Specialized European and Wila style tooling
  • 30-foot capacity machines
  • Exacting standards
  • Immediate availability  on standard sets
  • Effective, cost-efficient, customized solutions for special applications
  • A dedicated team of sales engineers to handle custom requests

A service desk for ongoing customer support.


Acrotech’s manufactures K•Prene® urethane using a casting and compression molding process. Acrotech Inc. can produce parts cost effectively, compared to machining or injection molding.

Acrotech Inc.’s stocked products include industry-specific parts, sheets, round rods, bars, Versa Rolls™ and several styles of bumpers.

These items are stocked in 6 different durometers/hardnesses in a variety of sizes. We also offer custom molding of K•Prene® urethane; including mold construction, production of metal inserts and secondary machining.


Polyurethane Products

Press Brake Tooling

Die-thane brand urethane press brakes dies were developed specifically for sheet metal fabricating & tooling applications. They are a special breed of high performance thermo-set elastomers, compounded specifically for sheet metal forming applications, characterized by:

  • Extra toughness and durability
  • Excellent Resilience
  • Very High Load Bearing Capacity
  • High Tear Strength and Cut Resistance
  • Low Compression set
  • Very Good Impact Resistance
  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance
  • Good Machinability
  • Impervious To Oil and Ozone

Midwest Press Brake Dies Inc.

Standard Press Brake Tooling, Special Press Brake Tooling

Midwest Press Brake Dies founded in 1970 has established an industry wide reputation for quality, integrity, service, and attention to detail, which remains unsurpassed. Even our website designed by us is head and shoulders above the rest. We always strive to communicate value, reliability and timeliness with every order we ship.



Press Brake Tools

Since 1987 Rollerei has been producing standard and special press brake tooling. The company is considered one of the largest existing press brake tooling manufacturers. In addition to constructing many special tools, our research and development team also innovates special clamping systems which increases your productivity. Technicians and Engineers develop solutions which are economic and practical. We work with highly complex 3D simulation models and are capable to create bending examples of various profiles.

Extra quality control reviews and tests are performed on every single tool after a complete production cycle. Every tool is given a serial number and batch number, after being carefully examed. This process guarantees a 100% retracing possibility of the tool. Of course Rolleri also guarantees accurate reproduction, high-quality material, induction hardening, and precision grinding.